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GP 1-Test Cyp

Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Dihydroboldenone Cypionate
Pack: 10 ml vial (200 mg/ml)

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GP 1-Test Cyp (Dihydroboldenone) by Geneza Pharmaceuticals is a steroids injection which contains 200 mg/ml of the hormone Dihydroboldenone Cypionate, and it is merchandised in 10 ml vial.

Usually known as 1- Testosterone, Dihydroboldenone is a analogue form of the well known steroid Boldenone, only it is 5 alpha reduced.
The combination of this need of 5-alpha reduction and the drug allow the athletes and bodybuilders, to inject it without fearing of possible side effects which may occur due to this chemical reaction. The steroid GP Bold 200 is very similar to GP 1-Test Cyp, but not the only one. Dihydroboldenone is also very similar to GP Prima 100, only without the 1-Methylation. The 1-Methylation group was attached to Methenolone for making it more efficient in case of taking the oral form, therefore Dihydroboldenone is not very efficient if it is used orally, although it was once sold at the counter. Almost all of these counter forms of Dihydroboldenone were produced by using a similar delivery system with Andriol, and that is creating an oily product mixed with Dihydroboldenone. Just like most of the Anabolic Steroids, the most efficient way of administrating this Steroid is injecting it intramuscular.

As previously mentioned, GP 1-Test Cyp is chemically similar with Boldenone and Methenolone, but unlike Testosterone in spite of having the same name "1-Testosterone". This is the main reason why some females bodybuilders may choose to use Dihydroboldenone. Anyway, the possibility of virilization to occur is still potential, but not such severe as with GP Test. However, this does not mean that GP 1-Test Cyp has a mild nature. For an easier explanation of what exactly this compound is we can tell that Dihydroboldenone is for Boldenone just as Dihydrotestosterone is for Testosterone.

Average dose men: 200 - 400 per week.


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